Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia

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LUXOR Apparel is a Melbourne Streetwear brand specialising in Mens & Womens apparel.

Our goal is quality clothing at affordable prices, we believe we can do this because of our passion and smart finance strategy to keep all overheads and outside costs to a minimum by remaining 100% online, owning our storage facility which means no rent, doing majority of work ourselves including web design, clothes designing, graphic design and social media marketing - the only thing we pay for is the production of our clothes.

It’s taken us the past year experimenting with suppliers, printing techniques, clothing sizes and different pricing models to get a feel  for what people are liking and happy to pay and most importantly choosing a supplier which can help us fulfil our vision for the future of Luxor Apparel.

Our customer service team is available 7 days a week, always available to chat if you have any concerns or questions.

Before any item of clothing is sent out they are checked thoroughly for any imperfections - with our strict quality checks in place we have an outstanding track record with a 0 return rate in our first year of operation.

To this date we have had quite a few high profile AFL players, DJ's, FMX riders wear our brand such as Travis Cloke, Brayden Maynard, Teddy Cream, Uberjakd, Bonka, Cam Sinclair.

With your support we hope to create a new market of clothing which would provide high quality clothing at a friendly price – the perfect combination!

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Joel Benjamin


Luxor Apparel